The magician should be capable of performing any ritual on the astral, that is to say, by the power of imagination alone. By strongly visualizing any of his weapons to the point where he actually hallucinates their presence, he draws both the aetheric form of the weapon and the associated powers within himself into action. Such empty-hand techniques are the mark of the adept. (Pg 189)


[state of mind to be achieved/attained] ; no-mind; samadhi; one-pointedness/one-pointed consciousness/single-pointed concentration; stopping the inner dialogue; passing through the eye of the needle; ain or nothing; It is an extension of the magical trance by other means. (Pg 131)

Certain forms of gnosis lend themselves more readily to some forms of magic than others.(Pg 35)

...the methods of exaltation. (Pg 35)

Gnosis is the mechanism by which Kia draws back from the flesh in preparation for the mighty indulgences of magic. A great saving to accomplish a greater spending.(Pg 60)

Gnosis, the Alphabet of Desire, and other magical methods tend to liberate.(Pg 90)

It is quite simple to state exactly what Gnosis is and how to reach it. Gnosis is intense consciousness of something, including the ideas of self or nothingness. Most extremes of emotionality (and not just the nice emotions) can initiate it, and so can a profound act of single- pointed concentration on something. (Pgs 122-123)

This intense consciousness leads mystics into three common errors. It may create the illusion that oneself and the object of contemplation are the same thing. It may lead to the conviction that oneself no longer exists, and it may lead to the obsession that the object of concentration is the supreme thing in the universe. (Pgs 122-123)

Magically, Gnosis is the state which most easily allows the will and perception to reach out and touch realities beyond the mind. The contents of gnosis are far less interesting than what can be done with it. (Pgs 122-123)


As above, so below
I am the universe
The life force in us
Is the life force of the universe
The subtle force in us (aether)
Is the subtle force of the universe
The gross matter in us
Is the gross matter of the universe
To Chaos, nothing is true
And everything is permitted
Though it has limited itself
To the principle of duality
In building this world
For itself (Pg 74)

Love is permitted.


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