by Frater Shadowmage

Being the ritual conjuration of the Egregore named Aeldor

Attribution: Black/Red/Yellow (Entropy, combat, self)

Application: Primary: the conjuration of the egregore known as Aeldor Dulabrin, so he may strike back on your behalf.

The power sources: The Entity Aeldor, and your own hate/grief/frustration.


Aeldor is an egregore created by magickal contamination, he used to be a part of yours truly as a very, VERY evil AD&D character...(scoff all you want) By the magickal contamination, being practising magick while still in the Aeldor mindset, the part of me which was once a role I played became semi-sentient, and turned into what psychologists would probable term "an alter" however, as time progressed (some three years of "being" Aeldor for five hours a week) Aeldor became more developed and real, in the sence that, when playing the game, others perceived a distinct change in my demeanor, and even in my facial features, which became very angular when in character...

This went on for a while, until the character started to have insane and theoretically impossible, luck with the was is if it did not want to die,in a very bad way...I never failed any attacks or saving throws, usually doing maximum damage on each attack.

This started to worry my dungeon Master who at one point addressed me in the following way: "are you sure it's still YOU that's playing the game?" Then it dawned on me... Aeldor was alive...the rest of the OP-cult soon followed suit and told me it was becoming obvious that Aeldor was no longer a part of my imagination anymore...

then one day, Aeldor dissappeared.

I kept wondering why I could not properly roleplay the character anymore...the answer was obvious, Aeldor had separated himself from my etheric patter and become a spirit of sorts.

It was not soon after this that I atempted to contact him, it worked... While being posessed by him, he told me that he was now free, no longer a part of me...

Later I attempted several workings with Aeldor, and discovered that his considerable "in-game" might, had not been lost during the transition from fantasy to spirit...the person I attacked was never the same, and suffers from Annorexia to this day.

A brief description of Aeldor:

Aeldor is a powerfull fiend, who used to be an elven archer, until he made a pact with a demon to grant him great prowess and magickal abilities. It was not soon after that his once noble spirit was corrupted and he was raised into demonhood.

Aeldor still appears as a noble creature, with slanted eyes, pointed ears and beautiful features, it is only in his eyes that his nature becomes apparent, for they are completely black. Aeldor usually carries his great bow, which has no string, for he is a magnificent archer whocreates arrows ands strings from Will alone, his accuracy is unfailing and his sight stretches for miles, he can easily shoot a person from a mile away. his magickal prowess is also horrible, for he is mad. and his spells bring madness.

The Gnosis:

To properly manifest Aeldor, it is highly desireable to be in a frenzied state of hatred, bordering on outright insanity, to others you will appear to be constantly shifting positions, unable to find any comfort whatsoever, you will probably display an impossibly evil grin. If possession is proper, you will speak in a hushed, sibillant tongue being unable to say anything kind, without putting it in a tone which scintillates with malice.

The Rite:

Place an arrow of your own making in a prominent position and ignite various dense incenses, you may also smoke many cigarretes and burn sulfer to get the properly foul odour. Make sure the place of your working is both tidy and "baroque" in appearance, for aeldor is not used to modern technology and style.

vividly imagine the face of your foe and visualize the lines of a chaostar appearing on it, crossing the face out.

Take some blood from a small "X" cut on the left side of your breast, over the heart, and smear it on the arrow's tip.

close eyes.

Vibrate the name "Aeldor" ten times.

Shout: "From dark woods, great evil comes!" three times, each more guttoral than the previous.

Start to mumble to yourself about hate and anger and pain and laugh in a sickening voice at the horrors one can commit

Attempt to sink deeper into a state of complete and utter sadism and hatred for the weak.

Interaction with the egregore.
(for use in attacks visualize the tall muscular being drawing it's bow, a silvery strand of energy will be the string and a flaming green arrow the projectile)

As the arrow is fired, snap the arrow you made...the snapping sound will most likely bring you out of the trance, this is good, you do not want Aeldor lingering in your subconcious.

Banish with Laughter.



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