by Phil Hine


Each participant is assigned one of the 8 Rays of Chaos:

1. Pure Magic [MT]
2. Death Magic
3. Wealth Magic
4. Love Magic
5. Ego Magic
6. Sex Magic
7. Thought Magic
8. War Magic

Using a whiteboard, the group Brainstorms associations for each Ray - Colours, general Qualities, Keywords, etc which become the basis of an invocation of each ray, for use in the rite.


Group stands in a circle

Statement of Intent....

• Each person declaims their 'ray' in turn - Pure, Death, Wealth, etc - beginning slowly and becoming faster and faster. This is done 8 times.
• One person makes eye contact with another across the circle and calls that person's ray out - that person replies with the 'ray' of the other person who has spoken, and they exchange places across the circle. This is done at least 8 times so that every one changes position.
• MT invokes ray of Pure [Octarine] magic, using rubric devised earlier, and then with an appropriate gesture hurls the force at random to another person in the circle, who, upon receiving it, invokes their own ray, and hurls it to someone else. Once a participant has received the force and added their own ray to it, they turn their hands upwards, fingertips pointing to the centre of the circle.
• When all celebrants have received the ray, the MT signals the celebrants and all stretch their hands into the centre of the circle. Each member chants their own ray, whilst vizualising a sphere, swirling with the colours of magic, forming in the centre of the circle. MT says: "Expand the Sphere". All begin to draw their hands back, as if the sphere is growing and forcing their hands backward. Each person should draw their hands together, shaping a rod or arrow out of the sphere.
[NB: A sacrament could be inserted at this point, using a chalice which has been charged with the powers of all 8 rays]
• MT then gives a further litany and all circle widdershins x8, each chanting their ray and hurling sigils, colours, etc which are appropriate to their ray in the depths of the astral chaosphere.
• At this point, individual or collective sorceries may be worked, examples of which follow:


At signal from MT, each person begins to spin, feeling themselves to be an 'arrow' of the chaosphere. They hold before them, in their cupped hands, a small chaosphere. As they feel themselves approach gnosis, they hurl the chaosphere outwards with an appropriate gesture and a shout of power [i.e. Kia!], and vizualise their chaosphere taking up a guardian station around the building.

At the command of the MT, all visualise a web of force lines connecting the chaospheres at all points and enclosing the premises.


Each person turns to face outwards, and makes a gesture of gathering their chosen desire towards them, and holding it before them in cupped hands, begin to spin. As gnosis peaks they hurl their desire into the chaosphere in the centre of the circle.


• Each person makes gesture as if they were 'holding' an arrow of the chaosphere, and begins to slowly push it back into the centre of the circle, visualising the chaosphere collapsing and shrinking. This section ends with all participants standing with their arms stretched into the centre of the circle, hands cupping the visualised sphere.
• The MT then gathers up the sphere, then holds it aloft, making a declaration of closing. S/he then passes it around the circle. This can be done in several ways:
- It is passed around the circle and each person compresses it slightly with their hands, until it is returned to the MT.
- It can be thrown back and forth across the circle like an invisible ball
- it can be moulded by each person into a gift for the person standing to their right - for instance, one person might receive the chaosphere, and pass it to the next person by miming the act of rolling a joint, opening a can of beer, etc.

Once the MT receives the chaosphere again, s/he rolls it between his/her hands until all understand that it is very small and light. MT then leans into the centre of the circle and holds the chaosphere aloft using palm of hand. At MT's signal, all blow at the sphere and MT throws hand upwards, signalling to Banish With Laughter.



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