by WorryDoll

Nick XXXXXX shouted he wanted a ritual, spell, etc. for buffness

What you'll need:

1. an incense of large charcoal briquettes, and a brazier, with a metal grill upon it, in which to burn it.
2. various food items from the four food groups
3. a quiet place to go and perform the ritual
4. Big heavy metal things


Х Light the incense, and place above it the various food items. Continue until food is thoughroughly purified. This provides the spiritual energy needed to perform the rest of the ritual.
Х Pick up the metal things.
Х Put down the metal things.
Х Assure yourself that you aren't just doingthis because you're insecure about your penis.
Х Repeat a few hundred times.

Repeat this ritual on a fairly regular basis.

I hope you realize, that like the world we live in, this ritual is a joke.


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