Invocation of Saint Iustina

Fra. Choronzon 999, Caosagi

The СIТ is for Saint Iustina, a lady of easy virtue who underwent a miraculous conversion to Christianity during the time of the Visigoths (6th Century BC). During her conversion her СvirginityТ was restored and she was consecrated as a СBride of ChristТ, eventually forming her own monastic complex. Following her death, many visions were reported, and miracles attributed to her include the cure of a bishop Сinnocently infectedТ by syphilis. Pope Formosus canonized Iustina in 891. Regrettably, at the Cadaver Synod of 897, FoursomesТ exhumed corpse was tried and convicted of heresy, and IustinaТs canonization was revoked. When invoked to manifestation, Iustina may appear in any of four avatars:

1. A blushing virgin
2. A dominating Mother Superior
3. A voluptuous Whore
4. A Сbeast-cladТ Warrior Amazon

Iustina has been known to make useful oracular pronouncements; she will also charge ritual objects and may be persuaded to grant succubi or incubi for private indulgences. In return for such favors Iustina expects a willing СsacrificialТ victim, either male or female, as a plaything.


The temple is simply furnished, with a large, defined space as a zone where УEverything is Permitted.Ф The Priest/ess may either retire behind a veiled area, or stand adjacent to the ritual space.


MT: УLady of the stars, in the name IUSTINA we invoke you.Ф
All: УVENI IUSTINAФ (Lat: УCome IustinaФ)
Voice 1: УIn the form of Ishtar, Divine lover of the East, Mistress of Pleasure, Whore of Babylon - we invoke you.Ф
Voice 2: УIn the form Sexburga, Saintly Matron of the North, Mistress of the rod, Abbess of flatlands - we invoke you.Ф
Voice 3: УIn the form Hippolyte, Beast-clad athlete of the West, Mistress of Bondage, Queen of Amazons - we invoke you.Ф
Voice 4: УIn the form Coelestis, teasing virgin of the South, Mistress of the whisk, Goddess of Carthage - we invoke you.Ф

The invocations of the 4 avatars of Iustina may be delivered as a СroundТ. Each voice begins with the voice indicated, and following each choral proclamation, continues with the next voice in sequence, and so returns to voice 1. During the invocation, those celebrants not reciting should maintain an eventimed handclap. During the invocation, each participant, in turn, moves into the УEverything is permittedФ space for the duration of one verse of the invocation. On entering the space, they are hoodwinked, and at the proclamation VENI IUSTINA, that person may remove the hoodwink and select a replacement. Within the space, celebrants act as УHostages to FortuneФ - offerings to tempt the manifestation of Iustina. Hostages should behave in a manner they deem appropriate to lure an avatar of Iustina into manifestation, and should be encouraged in their provocations by other celebrants.


УKnow me well, for I am Gnosis
Incarnate within this lithe and sensual frame;
IТll sing you wisdom, work miracles and wonders.
Your touch, your lips, upon the PriestessesТ limbs
Are my commands. What rouses her libido
Does me honor and rewards are sweet.
Now which of you is brave
Or fool enough to meet in this space.
let me tempt you forward,
Feast your eyes - these shanks and thighs
And cheeks and curves and coral-secret petals
Beckon you to pleasure and pain.
But hold! If you forbear to pleasure me
I take my ease from watching as you
Writhe upon the caresses of the lash,
And strain upon the bonds that hold you fast.
So show me lust and passion now,
Pleasure and Pain conjoined in Gnosis. Ecstasy.

At the moment that the manifestation appears, the invocation ceases, though the clapping continues, and may even increase in intensity. Whichever avatar of Iustina has manifested is now free to amuse herself with the СHostageТ in the Free Space. Other celebrants may choose to distract Iustina, but may become the focus of her attentions. Similarly, anyone wishing to ask Iustina for a boon must enter the free space.


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