It will be noted that extensive introductory notes are given below. This serves several purposes. Firstly, they provide an intellectual context for the Rite, as the authors consider it important that intellectual vehicles be supplied, to serve as matrices for the integration of magical experience. Secondly, when this Ritual was first presented to the Temple, lectures in and demonstrations of rationale and technique accompanied it. Thirdly, in making the following material semi- public, this temple cannot assume that the reader has more than basic magical knowledge and experience.


In the past several years, the Norse runes have entered into the realm of popular occultism under the lurid banner of "New Age". While seemingly on par with the newspaper daily "horoscopes", it is important to recognize that the runes are not a debased currency. Their transpersonal power is undiminished by the superficial interpretations that have been imposed on them. The same diluting process has affected Witchcraft, which has been tagged with the misnomer "Wicca". This term is both historically and linguistically inaccurate, and now applies to a cozy and essentially impotent concoction of watered-down folk belief and trite mysticism. Witchcraft is Witchcraft, and the Runes are the Runes, regardless of any clumsily glued-on veneers. The true magician drinking at the same well will inevitably draw his water from a deeper source, which remains unpolluted.

The stance taken by the Chaos Magician is one of utmost utilitarianism. Any form that real magical energy takes should be explored and assimilated, so as to draw on or glean from the knowledge and power accumulated in a specific egregore. This should not be seen as a superficial skimming of various traditions for its own sake. It is a process of gaining gnostic experience of varying currents, for both personal growth and the initiation and education of others.

Whether the Chaos Magician chooses a particular egregore in which to manifest the Chaos Current is solely a matter of individual choice, which may be affected by environment or psychological makeup. It is hoped that the Magus can expand beyond these considerations. Any given racial or cultic egregore should be viewed simply as a vehicle for magical expression. The aspiration of the Magus is to transcend the bounds of language and form, reaching a level of abstraction where the Magus IS and DOES, freed from linear neurological processes. In other words, he becomes a discrete complex, wielding his Will in a broader Universe. The invocation of any god-force is a very real way to power. However, in playing host to a god, the presiding internal conditions of the individual will affect the quality of the manifestation of that force. With greater experience of any given god form, the qualities that tend to diffract or disperse its manifestation will be overcome, giving a truer expression of the force invoked. The possibility of an authentic spontaneous possession of a Novice is not to be discounted.

A traditional rule of thumb that remains valid is whether the "god" that presents itself shows knowledge and power beyond that of the individual host. Considered as a force, Odhinn presents itself as the distillation of the Runic


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