Invocation of Pope Pete

1. The priest is attired with false beard, long hair and staff.

2. The priest takes the conch shell and blows it.

3. Statement of Intent: It is our will to Invoke PETE, for magical inspiration and difficult equations.

4. "Let the Circle Dance begin (Circle dancing, with participants shouting "PETE").

5. When the priest attains possession, he then delivers the litany:

"In the beginning of the IOT I was known as Calatin,
In Chaos International I held forth in the name of Autonemesis
Then you came to know me as Stokastikos
Then I revealed myself as his Pestilence, Pope Pete I.
Now I stay at home, the Hidden One, Zero Degree (Retired)."

Priest takes up the sacrament of Milch-Schnitte, and breaks it, declaring "Do this in irreverence of me. When any 2 of you bastards are gathered together in my name, I am (probably) in your presence (see equation 2)." Should PETE refuse to leave the false beard and staffs are taken from the priest and banishing with extreme prejudice is performed.


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