by Fenwick Rysen

"What is time, but a variety of one thing?" - Austin Osman Spare



Fotamecus was originally a sigil created in spring of 1996 when I was showing the Mad Prophet some sigilization techniques. The Mad Prophet kept the paper used for the demonstration and began using it when he was driving, the sigil's intent being to "Force Time Into Compression." Ruben, a friend of both me and the the Mad Prophet, was brought in on this, and two people began directing energy at it.

Fotamecus crossed the Sigil/Servitor line after both Ruben and the Mad Prophet attended a Metallica concert in Sacramento at which Quinn is said to have smiled evilly when looking at the crowd and muttered "Free gnosis..." before opening himself to channel and becoming a one-man-mosh. On the drive back, both Ruben and the Mad Prophet dumped the excess energy into Fotamecus and made it home in half the time it should have taken.

I was informed and intrigued, and on the Death Valley Pilgrimage (three days in a van with seven chaos mages) Fotamecus was put to the test: The group directed a great amount of energy at him to help shorten the time to drive from Santa Rosa (north of San Francisco) to Death Valley.

On the first leg of the trip everyone looked at the clock before entering Vallejo. Fifteen minutes later we had travelled almost fifty miles, through the MacArthur Maze (the most dizzying interchange of highways known to man), in the Thanksgiving traffic. The second car with us, which we lost immediately preceding this, had continued to drive undaunted behind us. They never stopped. We wasted 45 minutes in Livermore before getting back on the road and coincidentally running into them again.

There was only one side effect.

The last three exits on I-5 before Bakersfield, which should have taken us 15 minutes to pass, took closer to an hour. For time compressed, time was expanded. For us, expanded on perhaps one of the most boring stretches of highway in California.

At this point, several of my friends and I sat down and did some work on Fotamecus, making him a viral servitor: He could spawn copies of himself. We wired these together into a network so that if one compresses time but doesn't want to expand it, it passes off the duty for expansion to another Fotamecus servitor in the network. They all work together, and the more copies out there, the better it works.



Fotamecus was originally a sigil which then became conscious and turned into a servitor. Modifications were made to the original sigil to make it a viral servitor. The Fotamecus viral servitor sigil appears at right.

The word "Fotamecus" itself is the original mantric sigil from which the above graphical sigil was created. In addition to focusing visually on the graphical sigil, one can focus auditorilly by chanting the mantric sigil "fo-tuh-meh-kus".


Instructions for Use

Spawning and using a new copy:

1. Extend thine forefinger
2. Either drawing with a physical medium or by tracing in the air in front of you, trace the sigil of Fotamecus. At the same time you draw the sigil, visualize a beam of octarine light shooting from your third eye to trace the sigil with your finger. It should leave an octarine copy of the sigil glowing where your finger inscribed it.
3. Use Fotamecus by focusing on the sigil before you, sending it as much or as little energy as you like, along with intent to compress or expand time. And, as always, the "Garbage in, garbage out" pronciple applies, so give him the energy that he needs.
4. Instruct Fotamecus as to what he should to reciprocally with stretching/expanding time. For example, if he expands time for you, ask him to contract it the next time you drive somewhere. If you contracted time, ask him to expand it the next time you wake up, giving you more time to rise. Or the easiest thing to do is ask him to pass off the expansion/compression to another servitor in the viral chain, letting someone else who needs it use it.
5. Sit back and see what happens!

Petitioning help from a distant Fotamecus servitor:

1. Calm the mind for a moment.
2. Send out a call in your mind, asking for Fotamecus to come and help you, telling him briefly whether you need time expanded or compressed.
3. Continue doing what you were doing, and see if it works.



Х When using Fotamecus, it is easiest just to send energy along with intent to either compress or expand time. Fotamecus is fairly intelligent and takes care of the rest.
Х After charging, don't worry about it. Fotamecus seems to work best when you forget he's even there working away. Most effects are noticed afterwards: "Hey, it's only been fifteen minutes and my CD just played through twice..."
Х There have been people who after working with Fotamecus have had some success in visualizations involving pulling the time stream through themselves and controlling it even better than Fotamecus. But Fotamecus seems to get a little bit pissy if you do his job better than he does, so don't expect him to work well for you if you start doing this on your own. Not that you need him any more at that point.
Х Perhaps the best image to represent Fotamecus is a clock being crushed by a sledgehammer. Clocks work on the premise that time is stable and measureable. Fotamecus works on the premise that time is unstable and malleable.
Х Fotamecus has a very casual, easy-going personality. His easygoing and considerate personality is probably due in great part to his parents: Seven friendly college-aged chaotes stuffed in a van for a long-haul trip from the Bay Area to Death Valley over Thanksgiving vacation in 1996. Looking at who he had to learn from while he was "growing up" (developing the early parts of his personality that were as yet unformed and left to spontenaeity), it's hard to imagine he would have come out anything but easy-going.
Х Please e-mail me any questions, comments, or interesting stories.


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