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With all that talk of servitor (how ever they are spelled) and godforms I was wondering how people here went about their ways of creating them seeing that most people have different ideas and methods. So how about so examples of prefered methods?

From: marik (marik@aol.com)

Ah, don't worry about the spelling. I never encountered the word before I met FireClown. I think Peter Carroll made it up as part of his attempt to obfuscate chaos magick. Demons, imaginary friends, guardian angels, sprites, elementals, fairies, and practically any other type of entity can be defined as a servitor if it is bound by you and charged with a special function.

Servitors can be considered bits of one's psyche that have been given a certain amount of independence. For example, FireClown has a bookfinding servitor that brings him the books he seeks. FireClown, being a bit bibliophilic, always has a list of arcane and usually out of print books or pamphlets he wants, but he is unwilling to spend every free minute wandering through SF's billion used bookstores. So he lets his servitor do it for him, and the books appear. Often a friend will say, weren't you looking for this particular book? etc... FireClown will tell you, if you wish, how he created this servitor. William Blake had servitors that taught him painting and also, by the looks of one of his illustrations, swept his floors. How good of a job his domestic servant servitor did is not recorded, to my knowledge, but the one that taught him painting was certainly very talented and did a fine job.

I, and, I believe, FireClown, have a group of servitors who cluster around us. I can sense them, but I do not know their names. I send them out to do my bidding, and occassionally call them back. These entities appear to be both loyal and vicious. I usually charge them with jobs in Baphomet ceremonies. Because I do not find Baphomet, sweet and hairy though he is, a particularly wankable entity,I do blood ceremonies. Because I'm fairly squeamish about bloodletting, I use a retrctable lancet thingie with sterile needles to draw blood. I then smear the blood either on a crystal I have or on the image of the god himself. I then order my servitors to perform their deed and ask the God to keep and eye on them. Sometimes, if I am harmed by another person, the servitors appear to assume that I wish them to create harm in return and I have had occassion where I have had to tell them not to attack an attacker. Sometimes I don't care. The last person who stole jewelry from me (a lot, five years ago), was shot dead in a bar shortly after the theft. In this case I did not tell my demons to attack, but they may have anyway. I do not know. It is sometimes helpful for me to think that they did. Because I am a black magician (interested in those areas of my psyche that are hidden from me and frighten me), my servitors are demons. But for many chaotes I think they are not.

I think that servitor development has something to do with childhood. I believe most of us developed servitors in childhood and that some of these might still be hanging around in our psyches. At least the means to develop an imaginary entity that has a certain autonomy seems to be wired into the imaginative faculties of most children. Movies on this subject include Drop Dead Fred, Toy Story, Tetsudo, and Natural Born Killers. Books on this subject are endless and include grimoires, children's stories, and any number of fantasy mythologies.

Phil Hine deals with this topic at length, best in his pamphlet Condensed Chaos, less well in his book Condensed Chaos.

I don't personally do much sigil magick. Mostly I work with unnamed servitors, lucid dreaming, and godforms. Lucid dreaming, BTW, is a fine way to develop control over psychic entities, since in lucid dreaming it is relatively easy to modify characteristics of the dream environment, including the entities that populate the dream.

A pleasure to answer your question, Jim. I would like to hear from others since I will, within a couple of months, be writing the second part of my bloody long essay on Sigils, Servitors, and Godforms.

From: Tzimon Yliaster, tzimon@crl.com

To me, the best descriptive name applied to what Carroll and many Chaotes call a servitor is "bud-will", although I also frequently call them "fetches" as well. I see them as a disembodied attribute of desire; in other words, servitors are manufactured entities with a singular purpose to their existence. One could also think of a servitor as the ghost of an obsession that has been exorcized from it's home and can return to it only when it has united itself with the object of it's desire.

Once created, I think servitors have a limited degree of free will - limited by the scope of the desire they have been created to achieve. I don't think they can cognize or perform actions not related to fulfilling their initial objective. They are a ball of higher-energy seeking to return to a state of lower energy by dissipating the force that binds them into externality by uniting with an object (as E.E. Rehmus wrote, "an arrow never forgets its target"). For me, the defining criterion that makes something a servitor is that it is always under the control of its creator, in that its very existence is bound inextricably to it's creator's desire.

The next step up, if you will, from servitor is egregor. An egregor can be thought of as a servitor whose "being" is made up of the disembodied desires of a number of individuals working in cooperation, so that no ONE person creates/controls it. Egregors are multi-purpose and often (though not always) have a more long-term existence, as they have been created for several purposes. This is true even when all who participate in its creation have used the same statement of intent and expressed the same desire, because even though every statement of intent may be semantically identical, the way in which this formulated desire would be fulfilled will differ from person to person. Thus, while an egregor's several purposes will usually be related, it is not nearly so homogenous as a servitor/fetch/bud-will.

Finally, there are godforms. A god or godform is by far the most difficult to create, as it is (as far as I've been able to tell so far!) impossible for a single person to create. Godforms may have any number of purposes, and (unlike the two forms above) are dependant not upon a single act of creation, but instead upon a series of ongoing and unconnected acts of creation which take the form of a series of seedings with desires. As an example, I'll cite the Judeo-Christian Jehovah. Jehovah probably began life as an egregor created by a Semitic tribe of somewhat nomadic status that took its god with it during its wanderings. In the course of contact with other cultures, other tribes began to ask Jehovah to fulfill its desires - protect us from natural disasters, bring us justice, smite our enemies, what have you. After awhile, the egregor evolved a certain apparent independence of action, to the point where it was credited with its own acts of creation, due to the fact that it became composed of a complex of desires large enough that no one person or group knew of all the desires that served as its formative energy (cf statement of intent again). The relationship between the desire and attributes given to the godform by its "worshipers" eventually became so complex that its motives could no longer be understood by any one person who participated in its ongoing creation, and in fact its creators weren't even aware of each others motives in seeking access to the egregor anymore. A godform is no longer under the control of its creator, and direct knowledge of all things involved with the egregor are no longer known to any single person or group. Depending on the weight of the desire "fed" to the godform, it may even end up turning on its original creators eventually. Thus, it begins (in the eyes at least of any given observer) to take on attributes and perform actions of its own will. It begins to be described in mind and speech in more-or-less anthropomorphicized terms - it may appear to be wrathful, or just, or even insane, the last if its seed-desires become very conflicted in intent and gravity. Godforms may even have important lessons to teach, if only because the relations engendered in it between desires, and the fact that it will continue to hang around after unification with the object of any given desire is achieved, end up creating new information that accrete to the godform itself.

There are as many ways of creating servitors as there are ways of performing any given magickal act. My own personal favorite way of creating a servitor is to "mythologize" a sigil. That is, I'll create a material basis sigil and then muck about with its appearance until I have created a sort of chimaera. A good example of this is a thing called a "Watcher" that I've used in the past (and to great benefit!). The technqiues I used for this are embedded in the following working:



It is the intention of this working to create a particular type of servitor called a Watcher. The Watcher's function, as its name implies, is to act as guardian for its creator, functioning in effect as an extra pair of eyes. It may be bound to a particular place as a watchman, or may be of a more spatially general nature, per the specifications of the conjurer.

Materials Needed

Octarine-colored lights & Ouranian Incense & Material from which to create a figurine (i.e., clay, wax, wood) & Glass container & A square of silk & Wrapping large enough to cover the glass container & Black electrical tape & A cigarette of any type


1. Fashion a figurine in the form of a horned serpent, and paint it (if desired) in whatever colors you desire, with the exception that the figurine's eyes should be in a color that forms a "flashing color" in combination with octarine. Pay very close attention to detail, and use utmost skill in your creation of the figurine.

2. Decide upon a name for the Watcher; there are no rules for this choice.

3. Draw upon the wrapping for the container your personal sigil/glyph. This will face into the container.

4. Inscribe upon the cigarette the planetary sigils for Ouranos (at the end that gets lit), Jupiter (in the center), and Mars (at the end of the smokeable part).

5. Make sure that your working area is lit only with the octarine lights, and fumigate well with the Ouranian incense.

The Conjuration

0. Open a Vortex, ending it with the words "XIQUAL (name of the Watcher)"

1. Place the figurine upon your altar.

2. Recite the following invocation to Ouranos:

Io Ouranos! Serpent of Octarine Flames!
I summon thee from within me, within me!
Io Ouranos (repeat 8 times)
The Octarine arrow pierces my creation
(Visualize an octarine eight-rayed star within the figurine)
The name of this servitor, this Watcher, is (Watcher's name)
Come, Ouranos, breathe life into my creature!
Ouranos, God of Magick Octarine
Ouranos, Serpent Octarine
Ouranos, Baphomet, Semyaza, Carmara (repeat 7 times)

Repeat the above 3 times, maintaining strictest concentration upon the figurine throughout.

3. Still focusing exclusively upon the figurine, address it with the words:

Watcher! (say its name)
I am thy god, you are my servant
Serve me well, watch for me and warn me,
I shall reward you with life;
Fail me, and I shall destroy you forever!

4. Light the cigarette and inhale some of the smoke. As you exhale it over the figurine, chant the words "Io Ouranos" with the first drag, "Io (your magical name here)" with the second, and "Io (insert Watcher's name here)" with the third. The intonation of each phrase should last exactly as long as does your exhalation of smoke.

5. Repeat step 4 until the cigarette has been entirely consumed. It is best to smoke the entire cigarette without losing any of the ashes.

6. The cigarette being finished, rub the entire interior of the glass container briskly with the square of silk.

7. Pick up the figurine and place it upon whatever item you are accustomed to using as a focal point on your altar. Address the Watcher with the words:

(Watcher's name), here is Axis Mundi!
This is my body
This is your soul!
Serve me well, watch for me and warn me,
and I shall reward you with life;
Fail me, and I shall destroy you forever!
You are my servant; I am thy god!

8. Hold the Watcher in the incense smoke and say to it:

(Watcher's name), here is Spiritus Mundi!
This is the breath of Ouranos
This is my breath!
Serve me well, watch for me and warn me,
and I shall reward you with life;
Fail me, and I shall destroy you forever!
You are my servant; I am thy god!

9. Place the Watcher against your own body until its temperature is the same as your own, while addressing it with the words:

(Watcher's name), here is Stella Sol!
Here is warmth and succor
Here is fire and brimstone!
Serve me well, watch for me, protect me
and I shall reward you with life;
Fail me, and I shall destroy you forever!
You are my servant; I am thy god!

10. Place the figurine inside the glass container and seal it. Wrap the container in whatever wrapping you have chosen, with your personal sigil facing inward.

11. Fasten the wrapping shut with the electrical tape in the form of an eight-rayed star.

12. Shout out, "It's alive! Alive!"

13. Close the Vortex and anokquz.


Once you have wrapped the glass container, it is not to be opened again. No one but the conjurer should ever see the Watcher-figurine, and no light should ever fall on it save octarine light. Should the container ever get broken, prepare a new container and transfer the figurine to it only after having fumigating with Ouranian incense and illuminating the working space solely with octarine light.

Ideally, no one but the conjurer should be told precisely what the container holds.


Should a working similar to the above be performed by a group instead of by one individual, I would consider the result to be an egregor. Should the resultant egregor become adopted and used by other groups not connected directly to the original group, I would consider it to have become a godform.

There are of course gray areas in this whole process that beg greater exploration (ain't it always the way? :), and like all definitions the ones I use are over-simplifications, but I hope I've gotten the ideas out clearly enough to be useful and not engender misunderstanding.

From: Craig Brown, dagaz@netcom.com

Here's a shot at explaining my angle.

Servitors are attracted, found, or created by any of a very wide array of methods and pathways.

Not all ways are intentional, and many are of very dubious authorship, I.E., I'm not always sure where they come from. I qualify them as Servitors if they SEEK to please me, even if they don't ACTUALLY do so.

I create them in a variety of ways, here are some:

I collect Items in a bag, box, or jar (vessel from here on out), which said items relate to a specific focus of work. For a bookfinder, the vessel will at first contain a sigil built from the word "bookfinder". Here is the first distinction that I am building a Servitor, not making a Sigil, as a Sigil would perhaps state "I desire the Book of Results", while a Servitor is a job description. I then place more things relating to the Job in the vessel, perhaps some blood or semen, perhaps some shavings from the pages of a hard to find book. I'll periodically address the vessel, asking it to find me books and lead me to them when it has found them. If I find the Book Of Results, if I bought it I'll put the reciept in the vessel, or if I find that I can xerox a copy, I copy a page of the book to place in the vessel. I say, Thanks, Bookfinder, how about the Theatre of Magick? and so on...

Now the above actions could be said to be creation, but the above instance seems like attraction, like I noted what I wanted and something, I have no clue what, came to fill the position. Maybe an out-of-work ghost who likes bookstores and the Attention and Candy I give it.

Sometimes I quite definately have made something. I'll carve a body from wood, and carve sigils and bindrunes on it, and, again, feed it blood and semen. I'll make up a name for it, Fritz, perhaps, and inculde it in my ritual work. These I tend to sleep with, and I breathe on them alot, too. Usually I they 'wake up' in dreams, and if it is a squid-form I'll dream of squid-things. Again, once it gets going I just talk to and tell it what I need it to do, and if possible carry it around in my pocket while I do my thing... I find it good to sneak it out and show it the world, but I'm funny that way.....

I find things when I do an exorcism of a person or place, and I like the energy flux I find...I tell the critter it can come home with me, and join in the fun we call My Life...often they come along without hesitation, and sort of disapear in coming months, just poping up sometimes, 'DON'T WALK DOWN THIS STREET'. In New Orleans this happened, but I had to keep going where I was going, it was very much like a voice in my head, saying 'BIG NASTY SHIT!!!!', to which I said, 'I need to get to my bike & get home, keep me posted'. I got within 100 yards of my horse and it says 'SOON SOON SOON' so I slip my knife out & open it, keeping it well hidden against my body. I'm on Decatur St and all the sudden it is like everybody vanishes, except for two drunk frat boys, and voice goes 'THEM THEM THEM'- as the begin to walk past me, the closest grabs me & I let him spin me past his fist and open his clothes and at least a bit of him with the knife as I spin on past...They both bolted and ran, and my Voice and I went and had dinner...

I think the basic form of Servitor is what I call a Protect-Me-You! Whose job is to keep you aware of danger and assist in trouble. I learned of these from an old Romanian woman who spoted another part East-European Gypsy thief at work, namely me. She told me you put stolen goods, broken locks, skeleton keys, nails, razorblades, etc in a vessel along with some of your hair and blood, and something from your dead ancestors, seal it up, and bury it, and for God's sake be more careful! A Witches bottle for thieves. I still find myself saying- Protect me, You! When doing Questionable things.

I have also found that if I make alot of Sigils for related desires, they group together and form work-parties- becoming a Servitor.

I must add that I have no Idea how magick works, and try to play as much as possible...my Servitors reflect this. Circus Bears and Astral Doubles of my bicycle (A Sorcerous Horse), and alot of shadows and dreams. I very specificaly avoid being hard-line about anything, and run solidly on a mixture of Desire, Intuition, and Luck. Of course I have Servitors for these three things who get paid overtime in Candles, Candies, and Incense....

Hoping this be helpfull


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