Acoustic Sigils
Action Sigils
Baphomet Dual Sigil Rave Invocation
The Diaminas Story: Becoming a God
Demons in the 'Net
Don't Blame Me-Blame My Servitor
Egregore Definition Compilation
Fireclown's Sigilization Basics for the Confused
The Fluid Continuum-or-What the F***'s an Egregore?
Fotamecus Empowerment Rite
Fotamecus: Viral Time Compression/Expansion Servitor
The Living Servitor
Servitor Creation: A Contemporary Approach
Sigils, Servitors, and Godforms, Part I: Sigils
Sigils, Servitors, and Godforms, Part II: Servitors
Smuggling Sigils Across
Time Consumption -or- Yet Another Fotamecus Rite
A Thread on Servitors

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